“I am inspired and honoured to have co-trained with Sue and witnessed her support people to transform and achieve their goals. Sue cares deeply and always wants everyone around her to be touched by a special positive touch of golden inspiration, that will resonate deeply to tickle their toes and energize their whole body, with an enhanced, empowered and strengthened sense of self, capability and a fresh perspective. Whether you want to connect deeply with that powerful inner self you  have always known is possible or whether you want to live a more inspirational, fulfilled and positive way of living and appreciating- you are now on the right path. See clearly ahead to a new better future and pick up your phone to give her a friendly call, I am sure you will be amazed, with what she will help you connect with and awaken to, as to what you are truly capable of and what you want today. Live well!”

Paul Cosens

Cosens Consultancy Limited 

World Class Canary Wharf NLP & Inspirational coaching.

Thank You

Sue is such an incredible person. So approachable, down to earth and genuine. She has helped me to address a lot of deep routed issues which to be honest I never thought I would overcome… but I did … thanks to Sue. 

She is amazing at what she does. 

Thank you Sue. You really have made me into a much more positive person and have made me see the world through different eyes.


Life Coaching

Our Life Coaching sessions have helped me focus on what I want to achieve for the future. i am continuing to work towards finding the right work/ life balance and I know that anytime I need further guidance and support, I can contact you. Thank you Sue

Ms HWatford

Life Coaching

Sue is a delightful lady and very easy to talk to. I thoroughly enjoyed my one to one sessions with her, I came out feeling energised and relaxed.

The best thing about NLP is that it makes you realise that you have choices.



Thank You!

I had three life coaching sessions with Sue at the start of this year which were offered by my employer.  Initially I didn’t know what to expect or if it would work for me.  But, 10 months later I am still using the techniques that Sue introduced me to, and they really do work.  Making some small changes has made a big difference in my life.  Thank you, Sue; I really enjoyed our sessions together.


Life Coaching

Sue is a compassionate coach and since working with her I’ve totally changed my life. When I first met sue I was a stay at home mum & had totally lost all confidence in myself & my abilities. After a few short sessions with Sue, where she worked on my limiting beliefs and changed my mindset with her coaching skills , I now run my own successful therapy business, without Sue as my coach , that would still be a dream. I can’t recommend Sue Jaques enough as her passion & encouragement & straightforward coaching style really has set me on a path of success. Thank you Sue


Life Coaching

Sue Jaques is a fantastic life coach, since working with sue my life has changed greatly. As a single mother of four young children I’ve gone from having no confidence and claiming benefits to a confidant working mum, who can now stand on my own two feet and support my family. Sue can truly change the way you look at life.



Sue thank you for such fantastic sessions. I am a lot more focused , motivated and I would really like to thank you for your support all the way. Everything about you and the way you work has really helped me to move my life forward.I will definitely come back come back for more.

Ermalinda LynchEdgware


Hi sue hope ur keeping well, I know over the years of all the courses I’ve done with you you understand I’ve always wanted a career in health, well sue I went for an interview for a care worker tuesday and got it!!!! Start my training Wednesday!!! One step closer to nursing!!! :):) am really happy!! Thank you for all ur good vibes over the years, u can get what u want afterall!!!!! Xxxxxx


You Can Do It!

I have done the “Yes you can” course with Sue, and have found it a wonderful experience, so much so that I have asked my school (St Teresa’s, Borehamwood) to run something similar again as it has been so beneficial to me that I feel others would also benefit from it. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and looked forward to each session and came away each time with something new! Would love to work with Sue again and am looking forward to doing so!! She is such an inspiring and positive person that you cannot help but be inspired and positive and happy!